Dr. Melanie Brown-President
Marvin J. Nunnally-Vice President
Sherlie Edwards-Secretary
Charlie Maddox-Treasurer
Hattie Lawson-Community Service Award Chair Person
Clark Scales-Chairman of scholarship committee




Board of Directors


Hattie Lawson

Hattie S. Lawson has spent almost 30 years as an educator and an entire life-time as a community advocate. As a fifth grade teacher at Howard B. Stroud Elementary, she takes great pleasure in working with students and ensuring that they possess a first class education. Hattie serves as a Board member on All God's Children Adoption Agency and an Assistant Coordinator for the Georgia Association of Black Elected Officials (GABEO). She holds a Specialist Degree in Leadership from Clemson University.

Rev. David H. Nunnally, Sr.

A minister and retired educator, Rev. David H. Nunnally, Sr. is the founder and first president of the AAHRC.  He is active in many church and community activities including the SCLC and the NE GA Boy Scout Council, an organization with which he has been affiliated for over 40 years.  A dedicated advocate for youth and non-violence,  Rev. Nunnally currently serves on the Clarke County School Board.  His never-ending goal has been to create forums that allow citizens to create meaningful dialogue.  Rev. Nunnally  attended Tuskegee Institute and is a member of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity.

Dr. Melanie James

Dr. Melanie D. James is a native of Albany, GA.  She relocated to the Athens area in 2003 and currently serves as Assistant Principal at Fowler Drive Elementary School.  Dr. James is a champion of good parenting and child rearing, and has created several initiatives such as the AAHRC’s Parent Forum.  Dr. James holds a PhD from the University of Southern Mississippi and is a member of Ebenezer Baptist Church, West.